Getting Around Cardiff

If you are arriving by your own car or one you have hired, there are a number of motorways you can use on your travels to Cardiff. Depending on the direction or area you are coming from will determine the motorway you need to take. The M4 motorway runs directly through the north part of Cardiff. Reference a map to find out which motorway fits your needs. Once you arrive at Cardiff, you have plenty of options including car parks, and park and ride services.

If you are arriving at the Cardiff International Airport, taking a taxi or a shuttle are some of your choices. Once you disembark at the arrival hall, you will find a taxi booking office to help you with your transportation needs, and assist you in sorting through the many companies. Additionally, a possible lower cost option is an airport shuttle service.

The main bus terminal and hub is the Cardiff Central Bus Station. There are several companies that run services between Cardiff and the airport, and to other cities. The Cardiff Bus Service provides the main source of bus transportation with the city of Cardiff and to the Cardiff International Airport.

There are several routes for rail that run through Cardiff. It also has two of the busiest platforms in the UK. You can take the rail from many of the larger cities around the UK to Cardiff. Additionally, there is rail service that can take you between the airport and Cardiff. With proof of a train ticket purchase, you can also board a complimentary shuttle that will take you to the airport terminals.

There are no direct ways to approach Cardiff by water from other areas, but if you are coming from the mainland, there are ferry services you can take. The remainder of the way can be accomplished through one of the other options listed in this article. If you are visiting the sites within Cardiff Bay, you have the options of water taxis and boats to take you around.

Getting around Cardiff, you can hire a pedal bike service to take you around the city. There are trails in Cardiff you can take your own bike to visit the sites.

Cardiff has its own international airport that runs flights from other parts of the UK and Europe. Transportation options to and from the airport have been described earlier.